Q. Is this programme open to everyone?

A. Eagle Hoops is open to everyone aged between 3 and 12 years old, however, we do also offer adult sessions, check the booking page for more information. Boys and Girls are all welcome and we also cater for physically disabled students too, if you need more information about wheelchair basketball and how you can get involved send us an email to info@eaglehoops.co.uk


Q. Isn’t basketball just for tall people?

A. NO! basketball is a multi skilled game and requires players of all shapes and sizes, most importantly Eagle Hoops is about enjoying a social and physically active activity with other likeminded children in a safe environment.


Q. For the junior programme do I have to sign up to a contract?

A. No, payments will be taken by direct debit each month and as soon as you don’t want your child to come anymore just let us know and we will stop taking payments no questions asked, although we would love to know why you would want to leave as we believe you and your child will have a great time always!


Q. Who will run the coaching sessions?

A. All coaching sessions will be led by our team of highly experienced basketball coaches headed up by Bob Martin, all our coaches hold valid DBS certificates and insurance. please check out the history tab to see Bob’s experiences and how you know you will be getting a top quality product.


Q. Do I have to pay for any extras like kit?

A. No, When you sign up to Eagle Hoops your child will get a basketball vest with the eagle hoops logo on, and this will be the same each year you join the programme! You can buy extra merchandise and kit in the online store but all we ask is you wear the vest we gave you along with other suitable sportswear and trainers.


Q. I want to come but there is no session near me or at the right time, what can I do?

A. We are always looking to expand, please get in touch and tell us where you live and where and when you would like a session. We will then do our best to promote in your local area and get one running, even better if you get some friends involved too so we can start straight away.


Q. I can’t make the session, do I still have to pay?

A. As you are paying by monthly direct debit the answer is yes, but we don’t want you wasting your money, so if you miss more than 1 in a row and email us before to say you can’t make it we will give you some credit back to spend in the merchandise shop, and remember you are not tied into a contract so you can cancel whenever, not that we want to lose you from the Eagle Hoops family!


Q. Do I have to stay and watch my child play?

A. If your child is 5 or under, yes, we ask you to stay and watch, we find it makes the sessions more fun and the children enjoy them more as they feel more comfortable. If your child is 6-12 you can leave them with us, although we love it when you stay and see the good work we do.


Q. Is Eagle Hoops just a junior Doncaster Danum Eagles basketball club?

A. This is a tough one, but the answer is no. Doncaster Danum Eagles basketball club has been the main basketball provider in Doncaster for many years and done so very successfully, Eagle Hoops is using the brand and working on the great work already done to create a new programme for juniors. When they reach 12 and they have enjoyed basketball and want to carry on, they have the option to join Doncaster Danum Eagles, or any other basketball club. The philosophy is to make more people enjoy the game and give opportunities to play the game hopefully benefitting the game, and the individuals!


Q. I really want my child to take part, and it looks like great fun, can I play?

A. We are fully aware that children aged 3-12 will probably have parents watching and getting involved, we will be running parent engagements sessions and at various times of the year hope to see all parents and carers take to the court, when we say we are inclusive, we mean it! We also understand some parents/carers will want to watch quietly from a far, no problem we won’t pressure you to get involved!



Charlotte Hughes - Parent/Teacher

Alfie has been part of the Danum Eagles family for 6 years now and has enjoyed positive, fun coaching. As a parent I like the fact that all comers are welcome, whatever their age or ability and each child is encouraged to exceed their potential. I cannot speak highly enough of this club & would recommend it to any parent looking for a sport  for their child where sportsmanship & teamwork are at the root of everything they do.

Sarah Hales - Parent

Lucas has been a part of the club since he was 6 years old and the confidence and discipline he has been given to learn and develop his skills both in basketball and in school has been tremendous. All the coaches are inspirational role models and have helped to encourage him every step of the way. As a result both his school work, friendships and his team working skills have become very strong. The club promotes a healthy environment of encouragement and support both for kids and parents and are willing to help those of any ability. I would highly recommend bringing any child along to take part. They all encouraged to learn through enjoyment which is a big part of the club and its work ethic

Nikki Boyes - Parent 

Ashton started playing basketball at school with Bob 4 Years ago & has never looked back. Now both my kids play week in week out.

They absolutely love all the coaches & I can not thank them enough for getting them involved in something that is so rewarding. Playing basketball has taught them discipline, self respect & also given them so much confidence.

The coaches always create a friendly atmosphere that the kids thrive in. I love watching the kids running around the court with massive smiles on their faces & doing something healthy that they love. Thank you so for creating such an amazing environment for my kids to learn & have fun.

Teacher of pupils with extremely challenging behavior

Coach Mathew has motivated the unmotivated to be involved and join in with a team game.  He inspires confidence in their own ability, is a great role model and has masses of patience.  He responds positively and calmly and encourages pupils to enjoy the sport.  All activities are explained well. Mathew has gone ‘above and beyond’ to inspire these children.  He has also had to put up with some grim weather as we play outside!  We will continue to use his services.

Emma - Parent

Danum Eagles is more than a basketball club, it’s a family.  Full of great coaches who teach children the fundamentals of the sport and how to be a member of a team.  Both my children love attending sessions and have excellent shooting technique, thanks to the expertise of head coach Bob Martin.  There’s always a great atmosphere and work hard ethic, that encourages all children to be the best they can be.  My daughter aspires to play for Team GB, and it all started at Danum Eagles!