Designed for 3-5-year-olds to develop fundamental motor skills in a social environment mixing with other boys and girls.


Participants will learn simple ball handling skills and develop coordination and physical fitness.


All sessions will be fun and exciting and leave Eagle Tots looking forward to the following session.



Designed for 6-9-year-olds will learn how the culture of basketball can develop them as young people through hard work, leadership, discipline, teamwork and further social interaction.


Participants will further develop ball handling skills and coordination putting them into fun competitions allowing the mini eagles to push themselves in a comfortable fearless environment.


Flying Eagles

The Flying Eagles are for 10-14-year-old children who have never played any form of basketball or who want to develop skills they have learnt as a tot and/or mini.


Flying Eagles will enjoy basketball activities in game-based activity. They will be more structured and they will be able to put their new skills into games. There will still be fun drills throughout the sessions.


Excellent supplementary activity to aid development on other sport through coordination, strength, agility and speed.


Most of all we want our Flying Eagles to make great friends and enjoy the sport and physical activity and develop as young men and women on and off the court.